"For all women looking to improve their marriage"

Get the answers to the most critical questions by renowned lecturer, Sara Yoheved Rigler and finally discover what it takes to improve your marriage

In this exclusive training given by Sara Yoheved Rigler, you will discover how to:

  • Turn daily frustrations into moments of connection
  • Learn to shed the tension and once again enjoy your marriage
  • Achieve growth and become the wife you strive to be
  • Enrich your marriage by replacing stress with joy and love
"Sara Rigler's Kesher Wife Workshop was not only a fun, intelligent experience, but it also provided me with the doable, user-friendly tools that have brought more joy to my marriage."
Rachel Reissman, Certified Life Coach, married 22 years
"I was actually using the D-word [divorce], thinking of the preliminary steps to end my marriage, before I took the Kesher Wife Workshop. Now I have been practicing the tools I learned for three months, and my marriage is better than it has ever been - no more fights, no more derision on my part. It was truly life-changing."
T.R., Brooklyn, married 15 years
"I haven’t been able to sleep....such a high from this program!!"
"The first class gave me strength and hope at a time when I never needed it more. "
"The webinar last week made me realize that I'm not alone in this, and there is help out there. And I need that help and support so much right now. I cannot and will not give up on my marriage."