The three-step formula for child-raising that practically guarantees that your child will fulfill his/her potential, respect you and live a happy life.

Shocking evidence reveals that the way you bring up your young child dramatically affects his/her ability to achieve later on in life.

In a one-time only event, world renowned child-raising expert, Slovie Jungreis Wolff will reveal the secrets on how to:

  • Build a powerful framework of trust between you and your child, giving your child the key component for successful future relationships
  • Take the disciplinary measures that ensure future growth and achievement within your child, both in Torah and professionally
  • Instill the personal confidence within your child that will enable him/her to fully actualize his/her potential later on in life
  • Establish a solid foundation of respect and loyalty thereby guaranteeing an unbreakable relationship between you and your child
  • Make the moral decisions that will instill within your child a kind and empathetic nature when it comes to making interpersonal decisions

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“A friend took me to a parenting class taught by Slovie Wolff. That first class changed my life. As I listened to Slovie speak, her words, wisdom and warmth moved me. With each class, I became a better person, mother, wife and member of the Jewish community. Slovie’s teachings will forever be incorporated in my every day life.”
Rachel, White Plains
“My husband and I began attending Slovie’s classes 7 years ago. Studying with Slovie has been the ultimate gift to my family and marriage. The importance of life’s lessons that many take for granted-Compassion, Trust, Respect,Torah wisdom & values are discussed and we always walk away WOWED. It’s an amazing feeling to know that Slovie’s lessons will be passed down from one generation to the next in our home.”
Susan, Long Island
“Slovies words of wisdom have helped me to become a better wife,mother and person- I try to use the lessons I have learned in all aspects of my life-my entire family has benefited and we are forever grateful!”
Anna, Teaneck
“Slovie, is a dedicated teacher and person. She is filled with wisdom, kindness and friendship. Her advice stems from the Torah, yet it is current and applicable in all of our lives. For example shalom biyas, respect, or how to make your child a mensch, are not new concepts. We all want these; but how do we make them happen and keep them continual. Slovie has taught me through her classes how to achieve these and so much more. I am blessed to have met her and learned from her for over a decade. I am blessed that she is my teacher and now my friend.”
Hanna, Queens